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2021 NAIS People of Color Conference

Reckoning with Impacts • Rolling With Just Intent


Welcome to the abstract submission site for the 2021 NAIS People of Color Conference (PoCC). 

The NAIS People of Color Conference (PoCC) is the flagship of the National Association of Independent Schools’ commitment to equity and justice in teaching, learning, and sustainability    for independent schools. This year’s theme—Reckoning with Impacts, Rolling with Just Intent—calls schools into the movement for accountability taking place across the nation. It also heralds the emergent, systemic, and determined action needed to reverse the momentous loss of civil and human rights, that threaten democracy, and destroy the lives of Black, Indigenous, Asian, and other children and adults of color.  We expect all who submit proposals to present at PoCC to reflect on this theme and allow it to inform your session design.

In addition to the conference theme, PoCC’s mission set forth by the NAIS Board of Trustees reads: “PoCC should be designed for people of color as it relates to their roles in independent schools. Its programming should include offerings that support people of color as they pursue strategies for success and leadership. Its focus should be providing sanctuary and networking opportunities for people of color and allies in independent schools as we build and sustain  inclusive school communities.”

Because of its mission and purpose, PoCC is designed, developed, and executed through the lens and prism of experiences of People of Color.  PoCC convenes as a sanctuary to offer   BIPOC immunity from the marginalization and stress that can flow from the daily burdens of occupying a minority status in schools and society. Through workshops, institutes, keynotes, wellness activities, and other programming, the conference equips and fortifies educators of    color with knowledge, skills, practices, and mindsets to lead in their chosen disciplines and roles.  All educators and thought leaders who attend the conference benefit from a context that centers People of Color, their research, expertise, and diverse lived experience to interrogate educational practice and advance racial equity and social justice in independent schools and the communities that support them.

NAIS appreciates your interest in presenting at this unique and influential conference. And like you, we at NAIS are hoping the combination of accessible vaccines for Covid-19, and responsible behavior in the face of an ongoing pandemic, will make it possible to hold large-scale events like PoCC onsite. That said, we are asking submitters to plan for virtual sessions. In this way, you can adapt to whatever opportunities unfold.

Finally, you will find session descriptions, instructions, terms and conditions, and other information in this portal to support your successful submission of a proposal. Please read this information carefully. If you have questions about the 2021 Call for Proposal process or wish to contact us, please visit our help page.

The submission period is closed.  Decisions will be announced in August.

Caroline G. Blackwell
Vice President, Equity and Justice